Save Time, Money and Focus

What tools (besides an awesome LMS platform) do you need to help you build and support your online course? Today we launch LifterLMS Recommended Resources — software, hardware and tools that we have tested and vetted and use ourselves.

Your success is our success and we want to see you take your course to amazing heights. That’s why we’ve done the research so you don’t have to!

This is a highly curated list of resources recommended by the LifterLMS team and successful LifterLMS community members.

Chris Badgett, CEO LifterLMS

Save time, money and focus and learn all about what you need to get your course off the ground, or to the next level.

STOP! Don’t let the requirements of building your online course website slow you down

Our course organizer will help you get your course out of your head and onto the web.


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