How to Build a LifterLMS Website Livestream – Step 2

Today in the LifterLMS “How to Build a LifterLMS Site from Scratch” video training vlog, we are going to install the LifterLMS plugins, theme & LifterLMS Pro Graphics Pack. Essentially we are purchasing and bringing the raw materials to the job site, just like we would when building a house.

LifterLMS WordPress Themes | Why LaunchPad is Awesome

One of the most common questions we are asked is “Which WordPress themes are the best for LifterLMS?” The correct answer is … It depends. Most people who use the LifterLMS software are not web developers, computer programmers, or even highly skilled WordPress implementers. The majority of people who use LifterLMS to create their online course, learning management system, or membership site are not technologists. They are teachers, experts, business owners, or entrepreneurs. They just want tools that are easy to use and allow them to create a beautifully designed, finished online learning platform without having to be computer programmer or graphic designer. There are a lot of great WordPress…