LifterLMS Experts Spotlight Series: Tammy Pereira, Syd and Coco

Community — a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Community is a very important concept to us at Lifter. In the technology space, it’s easy to feel isolated, which is why we work hard to build and maintain our community and relationships. You may have noticed we recently launched our LifterLMS Experts page.  Our experts page was born out of listening to the needs of our customers who sometimes need a little extra help or site customization. We reached out to our community to find LifterLMS Expert available to help with web design, web development, marketing, and instructional design. We’d like you to get a little more about our extended LifterLMS family of experts.  This is the first in a series of posts highlighting a little bit about them and their story.  With no further adieu, the spotlight is on Tammy Pereira. The Basics Name Tammy Pereira Company Syd and Coco What part of the world do you live in? Michigan, U.S. Areas of Expertise Web Development, Web Design, Marketing Specialities Full Site Builds, Quick Fixes, Branding and Logo Design, Design Tweaks, Custom Theme Development What first made you interested in web development or design? Why do you do what you do? I worked in advertising and wanted to learn a skill. I spent a whole year studying HTML & coding. I wanted to design beautiful and functional websites. The Fun Stuff What are your hobbies and interests outside of the internet? Hanging out with my kids! And I love going to concerts! 3 words your best friend would use to describe you… Caring, fun, and friendly. What’s a little known “fun fact” about you that you would like to share? I’m adopted, and my daughter is adopted. What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Always chocolate-peanut butter. Famous last words (anything to add)… Imagination is more important than knowledge. – Albert Einstein Check out our LifterLMS Experts page to learn more about Syd and Coco and the rest of our expert community. If you love LifterLMS and would like to earn money providing valuable services to the LifterLMS community, please click here to apply to be listed on our Experts page.

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A Chat with Thomas Levy on WordCamp Los Angeles

Thomas Levy, LifterLMS CTO, is gearing up for WordCamp Los Angeles on September 29 – October 1.  We took a few minutes to dig in and speak with him about why he’s had mysterious “WCLAX” planning meetings blocked off on his calendar, what WCLAX really is all about, and if there are free t-shirts (hint: there are). Tell us about your history with WordCamp Los Angeles (WCLAX). I first got involved in WCLAX in 2015, mostly because I’m pretty bad at saying no to things and Adam Silver, a co-organizer that year, told me I could come for free if I volunteered by helping to hand out t-shirts and clean-up afterwards. What makes WCLAX different from other WordCamps? I’ve been around to a handful of camps and I can’t say that I can give an advantage of going to one over another. I’d say proximity to your residence is maybe the most important factor but in Southern California you can hit at least three a year without driving more than a few hours and I don’t see any reason not to go to all of them! What’s your role been in planning WCLAX? I am the “Speaker Wrangler” and was last year as well. That means I’m handling communication with our speakers, organizing the schedule, and facilitating and mediating the selection process. We have a big crew and we’ve chosen our speakers as democratically as possible so I put together all the “tools” to make the selection process as efficient as possible for the rest of the team. What’s the time commitment been like during the planning phase of WCLAX? Last year, in the same role, I spent a great deal more time than I did this year. Mostly that’s from lack of experience. I did dumb stuff in my workflow and that made me have to do and redo. I learned from my mistakes this year. I also decided to hand-off the blogging part of the role to Jen Miller which has freed up a tremendous amount of my time. (Although I do miss getting to personally interact with each speaker in the capacity that I did last year when I composed personal interviews with each speaker.) I love not having to put the time in but I miss having put the time in. This year I’ve spent a few hours a week, more during the selection phase. WCLAX is this weekend and my job is essentially done. I’ll be on call to ensure the speakers get to the right room at the right time but the work is finished (for me at least). What motivated you to get involved in a WordCamp leadership role? WordCamps are a lot of work to put on and they are organized by a very small minority of WordPressers. After my first WordCamp I realized that if the events are going to exist, a group of people must show up and put the work in beforehand to make them happen. I want WordCamps to continue to happen so I want to show up and do some small part to make them happen to the best of my abilities. Organizing is important but volunteering, speaking, and sponsoring WordCamps are also important. If you want to get involved and you don’t want too much responsibility or you don’t want to spend money or you don’t want to get up on stage you should volunteer. What should a WordCamp newcomer expect? Expect a ton of friendly nerds and bring a backpack to fill with free t-shirts from several hosting companies that will have tables in the …

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What’s in a Word(Camp)?

LifterLMS is proud to be a Small Business sponsor of this year’s WordCamp Sacramento on September 16-17, 2017. WordCamp Sacramento is a fun, relaxed, locally organized event. Over the course of two days attendees have the opportunity to learn, mingle, network and chat about everything related to the internet’s biggest platform: WordPress. Everyone, of all skill levels, is welcome at WordCamp.  If you are a business owner, blogger, developer, consultant, designer, writer, enthusiast, anyone who uses WordPress as part of your job, or anyone who might want to use WordPress someday, WordCamp is the place to be!  You can neither be too novice, nor too experienced.  Both new and casual users, as well as seasoned developers, can gain something from the experience at WordCamp. WordCamp Sacramento is now in its third year, and has expanded to include a full day Beginner Track teaching newbies how to use WordPress, as well as two mixed level tracks of sessions on Saturday, and three mixed level tracks of sessions on Sunday. You can learn more about the speakers here. In between sessions there’s snacks and stuff plus lots of networking time to meet new friends, including LifterLMS’s very own Thomas Levy and Chris Badgett (you might even walk away with some LifterLMS swag). If you see Chris or Thomas in the hallway make sure to ask them for a sticker or a mug and tell them all about how much you love LifterLMS!  WordCamps are scheduled year-round and worldwide, so if you missed signing up for WordCamp Sacramento, or don’t live near Sacramento, don’t worry — there are plenty of other opportunities. WordCamps are a great way to make connections, learn about WordPress and and find out how to contribute to the WordPress community.  

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