Is the LifterLMS “Try for $1” or the “Done For You” Service Right for Me?

Editor’s note: Since the publication of this post, our Done For You Service has been revamped.  Check out our latest post on the service here. Pull up a chair, and let’s chat.  The LifterLMS culture is all about listening to community feedback — including positive, neutral, and negative. We love the positive, but we learn from the negative. We work diligently to develop a diverse feedback loop so we can learn about your needs and pain points. We listen carefully, because we know there’s an opportunity in every piece of information for growth and change. You have a lot to say. And we love it. Our signature services the Try for…

How to Build a LifterLMS Website Livestream – Step 6

In this training on how to build a LifterLMS powered site from scratch (or transfer in from a less powerful system), we’re going to cover setting up the menus for our online school and working with the menu locations in the LaunchPad theme. We’re also going to create a few pages for the menu that we will add content to later.