LifterLMS Setup Service Now Available

LifterLMS is now offering a 5-hour custom service package.

The service package comes with a complimentary assessment call to determine how you can get the most value out of our services.

Based on the call, your concierge onboarding hours could be put towards:

  • Migrating you from your current LMS over to LifterLMS
  • Helping you choose and configure the right accompanying plugins & theme for you specific use case
  • Training you or your staff on operating your LMS
  • Handling initial configuration and optimization to avoid many of the mistakes DIY attempts can lead to
  • Mapping out the path for the development and launch of your platform that provides the best ROI for your situation.
  • Implementing intelligent user experience tweaks for a smooth onboarding and learning experience
  • Figuring out how to achieve special requirements like legal compliance or out of the ordinary features

Click here to learn more about this new service offering.

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