Discover New Experimental Features in LifterLMS Labs

Today I’m excited to announce the arrival of LifterMS Labs.

LifterLMS Labs is a new free plugin where you can use the most cutting edge emerging features for LifterLMS. These features could be in public beta, experimental, or conceptual.

Click here to download LifterLMS Labs for free right now.

LifterLMS Labs is like Gmail Labs. With Gmail Labs you can extend the functionality of Gmail in some powerful ways. I have been making my Gmail more powerful for many years with Gmail Labs.

So what new features can you get today with LifterLMS Labs?

Lab: Super Sidebars

Make LifterLMS sidebars work with just about any theme. Discover how the Super Sidebars works in more detail here.

Here is a quick video tour of Super Sidebars:

Lab: Simple Branding

Now you can add some simple branding rules to make the colors of the LifterLMS elements match your logo, brand color palette, or WordPress theme.

Here is a quick video tour of Simple Branding:

If You Want These Features and Want to Take Advantage of Future LifterLMS Labs …


Download a free copy of the LifterLMS Labs plugin here.

Check out the LifterLMS Labs documentation.

Be sure to vote on the new features you want to see added to LifterLMS here!

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