How to Sell Online Courses with WooCommerce ~ LifterLMS WordPress LMS Plugin

LifterLMS_Settings_‹_WordPress_Website_in_a_Weekend_—_WordPressToday we are excited to announce to you the release of LifterLMS 1.5.0.

The majority of this update relates to enhancements to the built-in LifterLMS integration with WooCommerce.

Many LifterLMS users don’t use the WooCommerce integration and simply sell their online courses with the native LifterLMS PayPal integration, or they accept credit cards directly in the checkout flow with the LifterLMS Stripe Extension.

However some people prefer to use WooCommerce for checkout, and here’s how we made our Woo integration even better:

  • Multi course checkout improvements so users can purchase many courses or memberships at once in the WooCommerce cart.
  • Smarter logic so LifterLMS will know whether to direct users through the LifterLMS or the WooCommerce checkout flow, depending on the presence of SKU matching of products in the cart.

WooCommerce is an excellent project in the WordPress ecosystem, and we’re happy to partner with their technology and team in our mission to democratize online education.


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14 thoughts on “How to Sell Online Courses with WooCommerce ~ LifterLMS WordPress LMS Plugin”

  1. Hi,

    Just want to know if suppose it integrates with woocommerce memberships? Like if woocommerce membership expires it will expire the course. Thanks

  2. What do you think if we can develop a course marketplace which the author can post the course online using Woocommerce and LifterLMS and earn himselfs the money? Is this possiple

  3. Michael Schippel

    I am checking out the lifterlms – WooCommerce integration (using lifterlms 2.8.7). I have a testsite with nothing but those 2 plug-ins and a test-course. The theme is Twenty Seventeen. When I testbuy it, lifterlms sends me smoothly over to Woocommerce. There the process works fine. After the purchase is done – nothing happens. I wont be send over to the course. I can’t access the testcourse. If I click again on the course I’m sent of to woo to buy it again. Is that a problem with the integration? Is there need to change something? Help please.

  4. I tried Woo Autocomplete order too but its not working. When somebody orders a course they are directed to the woo shopping cart. I just need buyers automatically enrolled in the course. I wonder if the LifterLMS Woocommerce extention resolves this problem?

  5. Only thing that works is to manually complete a course or membership purchase. Goto Woocommerce –> Order and click Complete under Actions.

  6. While working on SQL, how can I relate WooCommerce and Lifter? For example, the order 10981 from Woo Commerce corresponds to user ID 155 from LifterLMS, and the product 553 bought on WooCommerce corresponds to 17 on LifterLMS

  7. I have a course that is bundled free with purchase of a product on Woocommerce, but I’d also like people to be able to purchase it separately. Is there a way to do that?

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