How to Build a LifterLMS Website Livestream – Step 3

Drop In a Design Baseline with a LifterLMS LaunchPad Theme Skin

Today in the LifterLMS “How to Build a LifterLMS Site from Scratch” video training vlog, we are going to install a theme skin to our LaunchPad theme to give a baseline of good design to start with.

For this LMS platform project we are going to save most of the design “make it look pretty” work until the end of the project. But it’s nice to drop in a quick skin so the website looks decent while we do the heavy lifting of installing the course content and setting up all the engagement components.

Most WordPress themes are uninspiring out of the box. So we solve that at LifterLMS by offering a skin that you can drop in from the LifterLMS Pro Graphics pack. A skin is just a certain configuration of the LaunchPad theme settings. One of the things that makes the LaunchPad theme so awesome is all the settings that allow you to create an incredibly custom design without needing to know how to write code or hire a developer. We will optimize all those LaunchPad setting later, so stay tuned.

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3 comments on “How to Build a LifterLMS Website Livestream – Step 3


Look forward to this series. Want to move my existing course off its current platform which expires in Oct. It is outside of my site and now move it into my site. I use divi themes so this seems doable.

Johnathan Lightfoot

I have the LifterLMS installed. However, the sample course is not displaying on course catalog. I went through the video multiple times and I don’t see a step that I missed. Any thoughts?

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