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We’re happy to announce the launch of the Group Registration plugin for LifterLMS that will help ease your bulk enrollment woes. Here’s what you need to know:

Simplifying bulk enrollments for eLearning

A primary characteristic of any eLearning program is student registrations. This can become a tedious process if not done right, because let’s face it, enrolling every student into the course separately is nothing short of a nightmare.

This is why bulk registrations become so important and necessary.

Whether it’s a corporate manager looking to enroll employees or a school teacher looking to enroll a group of students, the common requirement is to purchase courses for multiple students.

To simplify this process WisdmLabs is introducing the extremely handy and convenient Group Registration extension for LifterLMS. *Cue applause* 🙂

This plugin helps you enroll all the students at once, with a single click of a button!

Those who purchase courses in bulk will automatically become ‘Group Leaders’ and can easily create and manage student groups for students they enroll. But as always, the site admin has complete control over the activities of the group leader and the group.

And all of this can be managed from the frontend, which of course is easier than navigating the complicated WordPress backend.

Let’s check out what this plugin has to offer in detail.

Features of the Group Registration Plugin for LifterLMS

Enroll Multiple Students at Once

Instead of enrolling one student at a time, this plugin helps you enroll multiple students simultaneously. A buyer can purchase course licenses in bulk for a group of students and register all the students at the same time with a single click. This saves a lot of time and effort that goes into individual enrollment.

Flexibility of Purchases

The admin can give customers the option to purchase a product individually or for the whole group, on the product details page. You can also enable group leaders to auto-enroll in the course/s they wish to purchase for their group while purchasing a product!

Automatic Creation of Group Leader = Ease of management – Part I

The Group Leader role is assigned to the person who purchases the bulk licenses for the simultaneous student enrollment. This purchase is made for multiple students on their behalf. The group leader also acts as the point of contact and main acting body for all group activities.

Automatic Creation of Groups = Ease of management – Part II

When the group leader becomes the buyer and purchases bulk course licenses on behalf of a number of students, all those licenses are automatically made into a group of those students. And the buyer becomes the group leader. This saves the time of creating a group manually and adding members to it.

Group Management on Frontend

The site admin or owner can keep the backend completely isolated from the other roles, like the group leader. Hence, the group leader can access all student-related data of their group, like grades, tests, assignments, etc. from the frontend. This ensures security of the website in terms of hacking risks as well as the coding and other settings.

Convenient Enrollment Management

This plugin also offers advanced options for managing the group members and enrollment. The group leader can add or remove people from the group/course easily. The Group Registration plugin also has a CSV file upload option for the bulk enrollment process.

Absolute Admin Control

The administrator has complete control of the website. When a group leader wants to remove a member from the group, admin permission is needed. The admin can control enrollments and group activities from the backend, to which the group leader has no access. Any decision regarding enrollment and group members has to go through the administrator.

The site admin can also set a limit on the number of students that can be enrolled into a group. This sets an automatic cap on the number of group members.

BONUS: WooCommerce Integration

The plugin is completely integrated with WooCommerce and acts on purchases that happen on your WooCommerce store for LifterLMS.


The Group Registration plugin aims to simplify and automate the registration process for an eLearning course. It saves the admin time, effort, and risk to the website by enabling creation of roles and management of website access.

The main aim of this plugin is to automate the registration process and segregate students into identifiable groups. It’s quite simple to use, and very user-friendly.

To use this plugin you’ve got to have WooCommerce installed and activated on your LifterLMS website.

And to get your hands on the plugin, to dive in deeper into the functionality, head on over to the plugin’s page right away!

About the Author

This article was written by the WisdmLabs team. WisdmLabs was founded back in 2012, with two employees in a make-shift office. Their mission has always been to create value for all their stake-holders. And in keeping with this, they’ve worked passionately to create quality applications for our clients and build sustainable careers for their colleagues.

They’ve garnered industry recognition and have grown to a 50+ member team spread across two locations.

WisdmLabs is a LifterLMS expert available for hire for custom website development and creator of Group Registration for LifterLMS.

2 comments on “Group Registration for LifterLMS


Interesting plugin! Will it work with just LifterLMS and the built in LifterLMS e-commerce platform? Or is it mandatory to use Woocommerce as well?

Ali Mathis

You can use the built in manual payment gateway to accept payments offline. Other options include using WooCommerce OR one of our add-ons like PayPal/Stripe.

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