Getting Personal . . . And FINALLY Doing What You’ve Told Us To Do

Most weeks we send out helpful eLearning advice.

Well … today is a bit different.

I want to pull back the curtain a little bit and share something more personal.

Here goes.

I was recently talking to my co-host of LMScast, Chris Badgett, about my goals for 2016. For those of you who know Chris, he is wise and incredible at asking questions that cause me to drill deep into the inner parts of my brain.

Chris asked…

“What are the things you do for LifterLMS that you are really excited about?”

Chris hit me right in my heart. This question put me into a bit of a tailspin. (You’ll see why as you read further.)

All my closest friends know that December is a very important month for me.

To name a few reasons why … My birthday is this month, I always fly home to Indiana for the Holidays, and I take a lot of time to decompress my entire life from a mental, emotional, professional, and spiritual level.

I also consider the month of December as a time of letting go, changing gears, and expanding.

This year the usual decompression was painful for me.

Don’t get me wrong.

This year was AWESOME, and I had amazing growth in all areas of my life.

But something has been missing…

I’ve found myself having BIG paradigm shifts in my life and the way I look at our business.

And I don’t think it’s a quarterlife/midlife crisis.

( I had that a few years ago when I contracted E. coli in China. That’s probably more info that you wanted. )

Maybe it’s my younger brother recently moving in with me to get his feet on the ground while he creates a life in California.

He’s always talking about his life and career and what he is passionate about.

I think it’s really started to rub off on me.

You may be asking, “Joshua, I don’t care about your drama. What does it have to do with ME!”

I’m glad you asked…

Because it has everything to do with you!

I’m serious.

As many of you have noticed, we are revamping the way we do business, and we are really focusing on what YOU have told us over the years that you would like to see us offer and address.

Hence, the weekly LMScast episodes, semi-regular “expert interviews,” and mini-courses we’ve created.

There’s still more to come! And I am always interested to know what you wish for me to provide, so keep the ideas coming!

But… (the infamous “but”)…

There is one REALLY BIG request you have made that I’ve been holding back on for over a year – despite pleading and outcries from many of you.

I’m contemplating changing my mind and giving you what you’ve been asking for since we launched LifterLMS a year or so ago.

But I’m nervous, because it means sharing with you more of myself and my business than I have in the past.

And I’m also going to need your help.

Anyway, that REALLY BIG request is…
(Stay tuned until next time.)

– Joshua Millage

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7 thoughts on “Getting Personal . . . And FINALLY Doing What You’ve Told Us To Do”

  1. Not a fan of teasing short term…longer term it definitely does not excite me…more annoyance…if you have something important to say …trust…and say it.
    That’s my considered response to what I hope is really something super-duper…else you disappoint your community.
    All the best from a very rainy Sydney.
    John Loty

  2. Avinash D'Souza

    Not to knock the effort or the attempt at honesty but after clicking through and reading the ENTIRE post(including the bits about e.coli in China and your brother) I felt a bit cheated…

    You could’ve done more here… 🙂

  3. Alexandra Kleijn

    It took you a whole lot of words to say very little, Joshua … If you value your customers’ and readers’ time I suggest you come up with something more substantial next time …

  4. So to be honest from DEV side that uses LifterLMS, take your energy and transfer it to Shadow update plugin or switch to EDD before its too late… update isnt working half of the time…lucky us we dont need it… LMScast? It would be more useful if you guys start fixing real problems like hardcoded stuff in LifterLMS (tons of them) + bugs about notifications,dates…

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