The Future of Online Education | LifterLMS 3.0 and Beyond

I made a mistake.

But before I get into that, I wanted to share a story with you …

First I invite you to listen to Sir Ken Robinson tell the story of how every country in the world is currently reforming education in this video:

I believe there are exciting, new, effective, and engaging ways to learn, thrive, teach, and facilitate learning in today’s world.

Working on this problem and opportunity surrounding effective learning along with unlocking human potential is my life’s work. I’m not just thinking about next year or about the standard five year plan. I’m thinking generationally, focusing this work 50 – 100 years out.

A personal journey with learning

Chris Badgett LifterLMS CEO unschooling 3I love to learn.

I’m a parent with daughters who also love to learn.

I’m a very private person, but sharing a little bit of my personal story will help you see my root motivation and vision for the future of online education and LifterLMS.

My children do not go to school, even though they are of school age. I’m not a big fan of labels, but you could label us as practicing “unschooling.” Unschooling is an educational method and philosophy that advocates learner-chosen activities as a primary means for learning. If a parent, teacher, or anyone for that matter, wants to support an unschooling learner, it is done by helping expose the learner to a variety of experiences allowing them to discover interests and communities on their own. Supporting unschoolers is all about facilitating and allowing the learner to lead.

It is important to recognize that unschooling is not anti-school.  Rather it is about seeking out the most effective resources, at the right time, and in the right way for each individual learner. My approach isn’t as dogmatic as it may sound (which is why I don’t like labels). For example, my children enroll in specific classes in our community that interest them, like art and music. I am simply sharing my personal story, beliefs, and choices.

Of course as a parent, mentor, or leader, we have a duty to protect unschoolers from unrecoverable mistakes. However most mistakes and failures are recoverable. We want lots of those kinds of mistakes, and we want reality to provide feedback on what’s working or not. “Real world” or reality-based feedback is a powerful teacher.

Keep reading. In a little bit, I will show you an example of reality-based feedback related to the mistake that I made.

Now if you think about it, we all have done some unschooling in our lives even if we didn’t realize it.

As a kid I was bored and unengaged for much of my classroom time. I had a “good” education, but I could have gotten a lot more out of those years.

It wasn’t until college that I was allowed to start making conscious decisions to lead my own education.  I persued classes that actually sounded interesting to me like anthropology, sociology, philosophy, sustainable development, appropriate technology, travel, and outdoor leadership. This was really the beginning of an unschooling approach for me.

The secret sauce to unschooling that works for me includes:

  • Taking leadership of my own path
  • Continuously improving my craft and experimenting constantly (which I find easy when passion or interest is there)
  • Surrounding myself with others who have chosen a similar path (no matter where they are on their journey)

Many great things in my life have come from embodying these three personal truths. It is through this unschooling approach to life that I have found success in an outdoor leadership career in Alaska, a work-from-anywhere, semi-nomadic, married-with-kids lifestyle, and as the passionate online education software entrepreneur standing in front of you today.

Again this is my personal journey and what’s evolved for me. Your journey and path is your own. You get to define what success means to you. There are many paths. Choose yours.

So how does online course, membership site, and learning management system (LMS) software fit into all this?

lms-course-image (1)Please allow me to ask you a few questions that I have asked myself over the years.

Read each question, pause, and really think about what the answer might look like.

What would a world look like where we had technology that supports effective and engaging learning?

What would a world look like where all teachers had access to the tools necessary to reach experts around the world and integrate them into the classroom?

What would a world look like where people with valuable knowledge and life experience could easily launch online training platforms to create income and impact?

What would a world look like where people and businesses could curate learning materials from diversified sources in order to create the most effective and engaging learning journey?

What would a world look like where people anywhere could follow their interests, take control of their learning, and connect with mentors and peers while helping others grow as well?

What would a world look like where learning content and learning method creators were rewarded based on the effectiveness of their content and craft?

These are the questions that consume my curiosity.

I’m motivated for myself, my family, you, and all of the world’s people.

Learning is what makes us human.

But I don’t just explore this learning utopia in my mind.

I also think realistically about the tools and specific cultural transitions that need to transpire to get us there.

So what would a software look like that facilitates a learner’s personal leadership, rapid learning, and connection to others?

The answer to that question is what drives the roadmap and evolution of LifterLMS.

I invite you to come with us on this journey to the next evolution of learning. Our mission is to democratize education in the digital classroom.

What does democratization actually mean?

At it’s core, the democratization I’m talking about concerns empowering individuals and learning communities.

The big shift that’s happening right now in education starts with personal leadership.

The democratization starts within you.

You decide who is leading your learning journey.

Is it you?

Is it someone else or something else?

Do you realize you have a choice?

Sometimes we are unaware of our own belief systems and assumptions which include who and what we allow to lead us.

I guarantee you can remember a time when you were in control of your learning. You chased something of interest. No one forced you. You experimented with it, sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully. You found a community related to this interest and you got involved. Eventually others came to you looking for guidance on their own free will and you helped them.

What was that for you?

At LifterLMS we are building tools that help education entrepreneurs create learning platforms that matter. These are platforms designed to create high-impact, engaging, learning environments that can also be extremely lucrative if your content and methods are good.

I believe you need the following elements to be successful as an online course creator, membership site owner, or learning management system administrator:

  1. Wisdom, knowledge, life experience
  2. Instructional design (an intelligent packaging of the wisdom into an effective class structure, curriculum, method, path, system, program, etc.)
  3. An online course delivery system, membership site, or learning management system (LifterLMS offers all three of these approaches simultaneously or separately)

Some say that when building an online education program, there is a preferred order in which to do things. Many people do this backwards.

I learned the ideal order from a great friend and mentor…

1) Build community.

Community happens naturally when you allow the natural social connections to form through something like an unschooling approach. Unfortunately today there’s a lot of unnecessary focus on gimicky tactics for “building the list” and “persuasion techniques.” The strongest communities are simply a natural byproduct of pursuing your unique version of meaningful work.

2) Build learning content.

This also happens naturally as your competence grows and you begin helping others who are less experienced. Over time your methods of helping and facilitating get better and better as you see positive trends from what is working in reality. The instructional design improves as time goes on. Your unique methods of helping or facilitating real learning become the learning content and framework.

3) Create the delivery system.

Unfortunately I’ve seen way too many people focus on the tools before they have the community and the content. The tools are a very important part of the puzzle but they are not the starting point. The online course, membership site, or LMS software should support the exchange of knowledge, set the student up for real world application with direct, reality-based feedback, facilitate community, and empower the learner to lead their own journey.

What’s new in LifterLMS 3.0 and what does the future hold?

lifterlmsLifterLMS 3.0 is about to roll out. In last week’s post we wrote about 19 of the top new features, benefits, and changes.

I made a mistake by sharing with you what was happening with LifterLMS 3.0, but not why. That’s an example, by the way, of me making a mistake in the real world and getting reality-based feedback from real people. That’s part of my unschooling journey as a software entrepreneur. That’s a lesson to me that helps me improve as a communicator.

LifterLMS 3.0 is a major upgrade. Moving from 2.7.12 to 3.0 is a major version change in terms of semantic versioning. The point system we use here is often misunderstood or misused. In a major update, there are some things that are backwards incompatible.

Backwards incompatibility is not a bad thing. For example, when you decide to have children, you can not expect to have the same life you had before kids. Life has forever changed, but this is not a bad thing.

There is a fork in the road here. We are exposing a seam. In the words of Seth Godin:

“There is a seam. That was one color, this is a different one. That was yesterday, this is today.”

For LifterLMS 3.o there are a lot of awesome, shiny new features shaped by the voice of our users, but there are also a few backwards incompatible changes. The code and architecture behind the way people purchase and access courses and memberships have been completely rewritten from the ground up. Also the ability to sell courses and membership with PayPal or WooCommerce have been moved out to paid add-ons. These integrations have also been completely rewritten to work with the new payment and access system and have even more functionality than their predecessors.

People who are currently using these payment methods in an older version of LifterLMS that do not want to pay for the new PayPal or WooCommerce add-ons are in complete control and can make the decision to NOT update their version of LifterLMS. There will be a big red alert message next to the usual update available area in WordPress. If someone accidentally updates and changes their mind, they can choose to roll back to the previous version which is freely available here. If they don’t know how to roll back, there is a community of web developers and even WordPress “version roll back” plugins out there.

Some might be wondering why we decided to move the PayPal and WooCommerce functionality from the free core software out to their own premium extensions.

Copy of lifterlms-product-images

Copy of lifterlms-product-images

It was a tough decision and this is why we chose this direction:

1) Some of our users don’t need eCommerce features. Some sell their training offline or through a different method. It’s important in a product for the main feature set to be desirable to the majority. If selling your online training is important to you, then you may want to go to the store and purchase individual eCommerce add-ons or you might want to get them all through the Universe Bundle that will roll out alongside the LifterLMS 3.0 release. Remember, our top priority is making online education work, not just eCommerce. We are LifterLMS, not Lifter-eCommerce. Of course we want education entrepreneurs to be successful and make a profit. I’m sure you would agree that if your learning content and teaching methods are effective and desirable, you can afford to pay for the tools you choose to sell them with. It’s easy to put skin in the game when you’ve got a valuable and effective training product.

2) As a business we need to be able to grow and pay great people to provide product support and continue product development. We give a lot away for free to the community, and we’re happy to. But any good product needs to have a sustainable business model behind it. The major business expenses in software products are support and continuous improvement. It’s in the learning community’s best interest for LifterLMS to be able to fund and accelerate development resources towards more learning-focused functionalities, like more advanced assessments, assignments, teacher capabilities, and much, much, more.

3) You can still validate your online course, membership site, or learning management system for free with LifterLMS. The free LifterLMS 3.0 includes a new feature (manual gateway) you can choose to use that puts a transaction in pending status after checkout pending arrival of a check, cash, bank transfer, payment through a different system, etc. Once you get payment, you can change the order status and the user is immediately let into the courses and/or memberships that they purchased.


You could also validate your training by selling the course or membership with an easy PayPal invoice, embedded PayPal button, WooCommerce simple digital product, Gumroad digital product, FreshBooks invoice, and a host of other free-to-set-up or low cost services. Upon payment, simply deliver your customer a LifterLMS voucher to activate their purchase, give the user a coupon, approve the order manually in LifterLMS, or enroll them manually. It’s easy to validate your minimum viable training product (MVTP) with LifterLMS.

Once you have proof of concept, we offer a suite of products to help you create an amazing world-class platform. You can buy individual products or save big by investing in the Universe Bundle where you get everything we make. At the end of the day if your course is delivered through our system and good enough to make money, it’s in both our best interests for LifterLMS to be able to afford to support you and continuously improve upon the tools that make your platform possible.

4) We want to run, not walk.

Of course we care and sympathize with people who want a valuable component to remain free. I understand where these people are coming from, but I am also offering an invitation to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

For those of you that you that wish to continue, I know you understand why it’s important for us to be running into the future together, not walking.

Running not walking

LifterLMS ImageI have a vision for transforming how we as humans worldwide can learn and teach.

I have a vision for how we can lead ourselves, build healthy relationships, and experience the joys of rapid learning.

But I’m not just a dreamer.

I’m a builder.

I can connect the dots to get us there.

However this is bigger than me, you, and LifterLMS.

This is my vision, but this isn’t my story.

This is our story.

This is our time.

Let’s run, not walk, forward.

In order to run, LifterLMS needs to have a strong business model behind it. LifterLMS needs to be able to cover support costs, cover development costs, and grow fast.

In order to run, LifterLMS needs a community of users who share this vision and our shared journey. LifterLMS needs a community of users that are making courses that matter.

Your time is limited. So don’t waste it by living with an education operating system that is under-optimized.

You’re time is limited. So don’t waste it by not valuing the tools and the community that is here to support you.

Let’s run, not walk.

Universe-Bundle-2Sign up here to get the free version of LifterLMS right now or run faster with the Universe Bundle coming out soon with the release of LifterLMS 3.0. Again, we will prorate existing customers. Contact us here if you have an active license and would like to be prorated and upgraded into the Universe Bundle.

If you want to run faster and join us on this journey but need financial support because of geography based currency issues or exceptional life circumstances, click here to explain your situation and apply for a partial or full software scholarship.

The release of LifterLMS 3.0 is an event. Click here to watch the replay of the LifterLMS 3.0 Launch Party Webinar. There will be some limited-time discounts for everyone to celebrate the launch. There will be deeper discounts for current LifterLMS Pro users as promised.

I will see you at the starting line. Make sure you are on the email list so you’re in the loop.

Get ready to run into the future, not walk.


* If you’d prefer to listen to this post or watch a video version, here you go:


46 comments on “The Future of Online Education | LifterLMS 3.0 and Beyond


I had far more respect for the decision to remove PayPal before this post than I do now. Behind all this flowery storytelling is a bunch of excuses for your decision to maximize profits. I don’t blame you for wanting the plugin to earn enough to be sustainable, but why dance around it? Why go on forever about your kids and your love of learning when that has nothing to do with the mistake you made?

You said the mistake was failing to explain why, but this post doesn’t do that either. So people can just choose not to update… And what happens long term as the current version is abandoned and eventually stops working? What happens when gateway functionality changes and the plugin doesn’t work right with those gateways? Suggesting that people not update is insane and you know it. It’s a copout.

Lifter is not the best LMS plugin out there, but I felt it had potential. Between this post and the ActiveCampaign fiasco, I’m moving on. If you aren’t making any money, sell the plugin to someone who can afford to maintain and improve it without alienating the user base.

Chris Scott

Good for you guys for making a tough choice that will allow you to continue to develop the product you care so deeply about.

You create a product that helps others create value for their audiences and income for themselves and their families. Don’t ever apologize for wanting and needing to profit from the work you do, especially when the product you build allows your users to do just the same. If people don’t see value and a good enough ROI in what you create, let them move on.

Haters gonna hate. Keep your head up.

LifterLMS Official

Thank you for your support Chris. Like you mentioned, it was a tough choice, but ultimately the best decision for the product and the community. Agreed that looking at value and ROI is helpful when evaluating tools.


Not really the “best” choice though — the one you liked most. It’s impossible to understand what I’m buying at this point. I’d rather just pay a subscription price for all features……

LifterLMS Official

I agree with you that ultimately “the “best” choice” is an opinion. Thank you for bringing that up. Ultimately time will tell, and settle all opinions. By the way with the launch of LifterLMS 3.0, we are launching a new Universe Bundle product, which is the “one subscription price for all the features / integrations” that you reference. This is over $800 in value for $299. During the launch week, there will be discounts for everyone.

Craig McFadden

I was an early adopter of lifter, two weeks after I bought it, the software went free. Then I bought the support pro support, then two weeks ago I bought stripe add on.
Your business model has totally screwed me in the tune of now several hundred dollars. I now have to pay again for an upgrade!!!
Sorry guys this is not the way forward for this schooled guy!!

LifterLMS Official

Hi Craig, thank you for sharing your perspective. Please keep in mind that prices have also gone down related to the Universe Bundle that will roll out with 3.0. The bundle will include all our add-ons that we make, our LaunchPad theme, the LifterLMS Pro package, and future add ons that we roll out. Currently this is over $800 in value for $299. The launch week will have discounts for everyone and deeper discounts available for Pro members, which you are one of. Also your existing active licenses can count and be prorated against your upgrade to the Universe Bundle.


I truly understand the need for making a profit, and I completely agree that you need to charge for add-ons. It is a shame that the premium add-ons and pricing is structured the way it is (will be) though.

Many course creators that I have dealings with are feeling out their options (perhaps for their first mini course), and they jump right in for a powerful option that is free and are more than willing to pay for add-ons that they need in the future (eg. start with paypal, then as they have have proof of income move on to stripe and pay for the add-on). However, as it will be for 3.0 the free version is too limited to be a viable option, no automation means it will not even be considered.

I think the cost you have proposed for LifterLMS is fair (though definitely premium end for self hosted) so that you can turn a profit.

Frankly, as it stands now, the other options out there for LMS and membership (which were not previously even considered) are looking way more attractive and competitive now.

Piccia Neri

I’ve been watching all your videos in order to shape an informed opinion on LifterLMS, LearnDash and WP Coursify. I was really impressed by how involved you are with your users, and loved the Trello boards where I can let you know what I want. I also love the open source idea of course. Even with the necessary extensions, the price was still better than others, because the human touch seems so great. But with this announcement I am starting to seriously doubt the financial viability of this plugin. In order to make it work I would be forced to add the following extensions: 1. PayPal; 2. Stripe; 3. ConvertKit; 4. Gravity Forms; 5. WooCommerce. That’s a sizeable investment. I am going to have to give this more thought now. Like Martina says, LifterLMS was my definitive choice but now I’ll have to seriously re-consider the other options.

LifterLMS Official

We’re glad you’ve been enjoying the videos, and thank you for the feedback. All our add-ons are $99. So if you need 5 of them, you could get those (and all the other products we offer) for $299 through the Universe Bundle which is rolling out at the same time as 3.0. I understand the need to shop around the options. I wish someone outside of LifterLMS that has no financial ties would test everything and write an honest objective review of the options out there, like Pippin did recently for WordPress page building plugins:

Piccia Neri

Ok, that sounds much better and a viable solution, thank you so much for explaining that to me. Funny you should say that, because that’s exactly what I am planning to do: the research I’ve been doing is precisely to write a blog post on the best course plugins out there. Hopefully I’ll be objective! And I definitely don’t have any financial ties – I will make sure no affiliate links will be there, either. I had read the Pippin post you mention and I completely understand what you mean. My post has been very long in the making but I’m getting closer to publication, and I’ll be sure to let you know. The need to shop around is that I really would like to settle on a long-term solution for both me and my clients, so I am giving this extra-special attention. Many thanks.

LifterLMS Official

That sounds awesome Piccia! I’m so glad you are working on a post like that. I can tell you there is extreme demand for a long (not short and topical) comprehensive piece. The best one that I know of out there is what the Membership Guys have written for membership site options and online course options. They make 2 spreadsheets which detail everything out. You currently have to opt in to get them. Here is where I believe you can get their LMS/course plugin comparison chart: I think the spreadsheets are a great way to compare features at a glance, but there could be more detail, write ups, screenshots, etc. It’s a big job, but would be a worthwhile project for the benefit of the community.

Krishna MN

This is another (in a series) of email subjectlines which intrigue you to click and on reading the story, leaves you wonder what the fuss was it all about? We invested in your LMS last year and learnt in just a week that you went open source(!). Then came those paid Extensions with prices totally out-of-sync with their part in the whole LMS functionality. Now you want to move Paypal and Woocommerce extension too into a paid plugin! All these steps tend to show a lack of thought and seriousness about your business roadmap.

One look at your Manual Gateway and I can visualize the course owner **wasting** multiple hours doing just this. Don’t cut corners with a good product which you have.

Payment is an integral part of online learning. It can save time and cost if it’s *automated* with Paypal or Stripe or any other payment gateway of entrepreneurs choice. This is something that you can’t push out as optional into a paid extension. The online payment module has to be part of the LMS. If your LMS costs $99 and payment option plus woocommerce extension costs more than the product itself – you know you’re going completely wrong.

Contrary to what you think, people are happy to pay you reasonable price for a good LMS (charge for
3.0 if you feel so) – BUT make it COMPLETE rounded product with Woocommerce or Paypal or more.


Some people just need free learning systems for their peers or co-workers. the mistake was including paypal in the first place. i’ve been researching other platforms and LifterLMS has some of the most bang for the buck out there right now! If you want free, the code is open source… make your own LMS!

LifterLMS Official

Thanks for the feedback and sharing your experience. We have received the same feedback that payments for learning experiences are not necessarily a requirement in many cases, Free or paid online courses are both needed.


I think that It’s better for all of us that you give lifter lms 100% complete with all the addons and charge us for each student that enroll our courses. That way we can put that price into the course. It’s more simple and serious business model, to give to us a complete program and no piece by piece. Every body happy and winning money.

I’m not going to upgrade 3.0, and start to look for other choices. Sorry

LifterLMS Official

Thank you for the feedback Cristian. Also thank you for sharing your solution oriented ideas around a different strategy that considers all angles. We wish you the best on your journey.

LifterLMS Official

No. I’m just emphasizing how much I appreciate constructive criticism. It’s ok to dislike something. But it’s even better for the issue and discussion on the table to dislike something and also propose an alternative approach that might work.

David Dumonde

Chris, you have prided yourself on listening to your users, but that day has apparently passed. Nothing you ever posted in the roadmap prepared me to expect you would remove essential features from the free version. Maybe someone should have added a suggestion on Trello not to remove existing functionality, but who would have thought it was necessary? If it was added now, I’m sure it would have more votes than any new feature. I offered you a concrete suggestion on Fb to roll out 3.0 with a commitment to return basic PayPal functionality in 3.1, and I’d stick with you, but you’ve made it clear you’re more interested in future potential paying customers than in current free users (who are very likely to be future paying customers). Yes, you made a mistake, but it was not the one you describe here. You’ve dug in and doubled down on your position rather than listen to your users. We are not against you making money. In fact most of us would probably be cheering you on right now if you had given some indication you really were listening to us. LifterLMS has potential, but I can’t continue developing with it under this scenario. Good luck. I’m moving on.

LifterLMS Official

Hi David, I appreciate your comment and conversation prior to this. You too came with some solution oriented ideas that considered all angles. We really appreciate this approach to complex issues. Please know that we very much do care and listen. Always have always will. We took your PayPal lite idea and looked at it very seriously as an option. You can still validate an online course concept with PayPal and LifterLMS 3.0 for free as we described in this post. It was a tough decision, but we made what we believe to be the best decision for the future of the product and our community. We do wish you all the best on your journey.

LifterLMS Official

Hi Paul, this will not affect your free course at all. To be a little more technical, part of LifterLMS 3.0 includes migration scripts that will migrate your free course details into the new 3.0 course access system. In this case your free course will have a free access plan and be converted automatically when you update. We are currently writing a LifterLMS 3.0 upgrade guide which will cover all this in great detail.

LifterLMS Official

Here’s a video on how the LifterLMS 3.0 access plans work:

Bradley Morris

Hey Chris, we completely align with your outlook on eLearning and Lifter LMS is one of the top platform recommendations that we refer our students to in our community at

Like you, we are pioneering a new way to facilitate learning and transformation in the online world. It’d be awesome to have a conversation on skype, as well as to bring you on our podcast and one of our weekly coaching webinars for our students.

We love what you’ve created and appreciate you for it.

One question: Do you know if you’ll be creating an online forum element to Lifter LMS?

Stay magical.

Bradley Morris
eCourse Adventure Guide

LifterLMS Official

Thank you for the kind words Bradley, and great to hear about what you’re up to!

It would be great to connect. Shoot me a message over here, and we can schedule a call:

The online forum element is a great question. First let me say that facilitating discussion as a part of the learning process is very important. Currently with LifterLMS, there is an area for discussion on each lesson. Some people also use BuddyPress and bbpress in various ways with LifterLMS.

Also I was just looking at a plugin that someone in our community built that made lesson discussions visibility restricted to various members in certain LifterLMS memberships.

I’d be really interested to hear from you and anyone else here what the ideal forum element for LifterLMS might look like. What’s missing from a discussion perspective?



Paiva: Therapy/ Neuromarketing

I’m very new and I have a web professional who is actually managing my site but I need to be clear; I just had Lifter uploaded to my site, a week ago. I have paypal connected to it. I like how everything is, right now.
What does this mean for me?
1. Do I need to upgrade?
2. If I did upgrade what changes with the product and, (3) what would I need to purchase to keep Paypal?
People seem fairly mad who have commented but being a non-tech, I’m not sure why… it sounds like if you don’t upgrade nothing changes OR are they upset as with or without the upgrade, paypal changes?

LifterLMS Official

Hi Paiva,
Welcome to LifterLMS! It’s your choice if you want to update the free LifterLMS software you have to 3.0 or not, which is rolling out very soon. LifterLMS 3.0 is in the final stages of testing and updated documentation and guides are being written.

If you do wish to upgrade to 3.0, you can read all about the new features and changes in LifterLMS 3.0 here:

To keep PayPal (and get the new more advanced PayPal features we’ve added) and benefit from all the new features in LifterLMS 3.0, you would want to consider investing in the LifterLMS PayPal add-on which will roll out at the same time as the free LifterLMS 3.0. You might also decide to invest in the Universe Bundle and get all the products we make at once for $299. There will be discounts available to everyone around the launch.

If you do not update to 3.0, the existing PayPal functioning in the current version does not change.

LifterLMS Official

Hi Michael, Yes it will include an annual license for all the LifterLMS made products for $299. The subscription can be cancelled at any time and there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Michael Strogoff

The price is reasonable – for a mature system, like LearnDash or WP Courseware.
Lifter is not there yet.

Maybe, you need a former senior Moodle developer as a visionary?

Cindi Gay

When is launch week? I don’t have time to keep checking. I have Lifter LMS Pro and had my course set up but found it lacking in features, so I moved everything to Zippy courses. How long will I have to evaluate? How much time will there be between the release of 3.0 and the end of the PRO discount?

LifterLMS Official

Hi Cindi, we will email you as soon as the launch is imminent. It’s looking like mid to late next week the launch will happen. The discounts for everyone and the deeper LifterLMS Pro will be open for 7 days. All the best!

Brad Griffin

Forgive me if I’ve missed the date, but I’d like to go ahead and move forward w/ decisions. So, @lifterlmsofficial:disqus , has the release date been set so that we can go ahead and “order” what we need, or is that still ….to be determined.

Also, a Great Article, for all to read, from Chris Lema

LifterLMS Official

Hi Brad, we’ll be sending out an email as soon as the release date is set. We’re updating the documentation and demo videos currently. Expect a launch late this week or early next where the new products and the Universe bundle become available. Thank you for sharing Chris Lema’s article.

LifterLMS Official

For anyone reading this, today was the release day of LifterLMS 3.0! This blog post has all the release details:

A Prettier Web

Well that really sucks. I have invested over 100 hours making a custom theme to use LifterLMS. Then, after the upgrade, I have to go back and edit all my customization because you also changed all your CSS. On top, there was no plan in your “roadmap” that paypal was going to be a premium plugin. I don’t mind you guys making a profit but LifterLMS was promoted as a free plugin to create courses. Take away any way to collect payment and you aren’t really making it free. You’ve blindsided the community. Not cool.

LifterLMS Official

We understand your perspective and hear where you are coming from. LifterLMS is a still a free plugin to create courses and comes with a manual payment gateway system. LifterLMS 3.0 was a major update including some design changes in addition to the ecommerce changes/improvements, so we understand that would require custom LifterLMS themes to update if they wanted to support LifterLMS 3.0, which is why we invited the WordPress community and the userbase months in advance to learn about all the changes and participate in the 3.0 beta program. We also published posts, sent emails, and put alert message in the plugin itself to notify everyone about all the changes. Our intention was not to blindside anyone, and we very much value the community. If there’s anything we can do to help you, please feel free to get in touch.

Marko Prpic Zets

There’s still a way to keep on using Lifter LMS like before. Just combine it with WooCommerce and plugin like from Tickera. It is a free one. There are also a lot of ways to change user roles after buying certain WooCommerce products. Just few lines of code added to your theme. And even without an LMS plugin you can kind of drip content, but only on exact dates, by setting a post publishing date. Of course, if you plan to invest in your future business I would suggest Lifter LMS Bundle or a combination of free Lifter LMS with amazing plugins like MemberPress and Restricted Content Pro or even Members by WooCommerce (but then you might also need their Subscriptions).

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