How to Build a LifterLMS Website Livestream – Step 2

LifterLMS Software Tools Installation

Today in the LifterLMS “How to Build a LifterLMS Site from Scratch” video training vlog, we are going to install the LifterLMS plugins, theme & LifterLMS Pro Graphics Pack. Essentially we are purchasing and bringing the raw materials to the job site, just like we would when building a house.

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3 comments on “How to Build a LifterLMS Website Livestream – Step 2

Dennis Anderson

Thanks very much for this training from the mouth of the master. I have been floundering around with my LifterLMS site for a while now, looking for something just like this.
Kudos to you for the effort.
P.S. Don’t be afraid to go into details whenever you feel like it. I am more than happy to make the trade-off of my time for your expertise.

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