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What’s in a Word(Camp)?

LifterLMS is proud to be a Small Business sponsor of this year’s WordCamp Sacramento on September 16-17, 2017. WordCamp Sacramento is a fun, relaxed, locally organized event. Over the course of two days attendees have the opportunity to learn, mingle, network and chat about everything related to the internet’s biggest platform: WordPress. Everyone, of all skill levels, is welcome at WordCamp.  If you are a business owner, blogger, developer, consultant, designer, writer, enthusiast, anyone who uses WordPress as part of your job, or anyone who might want to use WordPress someday, WordCamp is the place to be!  You can neither be too novice, nor too experienced.  Both new and casual users, as well as seasoned developers, can gain something from the experience at WordCamp. WordCamp Sacramento is now in its third year, and has expanded to include a full day Beginner Track teaching newbies how to use WordPress, as well as two mixed level tracks of sessions on Saturday, and three mixed level tracks of sessions on Sunday. You can learn more about the speakers here. In between sessions there’s snacks and stuff plus lots of networking time to meet new friends, including LifterLMS’s very own Thomas Levy and Chris Badgett (you might even walk away with some LifterLMS swag). If you see Chris or Thomas in the hallway make sure to ask them for a sticker or a mug and tell them all about how much you love LifterLMS!  WordCamps are scheduled year-round and worldwide, so if you missed signing up for WordCamp Sacramento, or don’t live near Sacramento, don’t worry — there are plenty of other opportunities. WordCamps are a great way to make connections, learn about WordPress and and find out how to contribute to the WordPress community.  

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Is the LifterLMS “Try for $1” or the “Done For You” Service Right for Me?

Editor’s note: Since the publication of this post, our Done For You Service has been revamped.  Check out our latest post on the service here. Pull up a chair, and let’s chat.  The LifterLMS culture is all about listening to community feedback — including positive, neutral, and negative. We love the positive, but we learn from the negative. We work diligently to develop a diverse feedback loop so we can learn about your needs and pain points. We listen carefully, because we know there’s an opportunity in every piece of information for growth and change. You have a lot to say. And we love it. Our signature services the Try for $1 and Done For You were born out of community needs. Over and over we heard from people who wanted us to set up their sites for them so they could get their courses online faster and easier. Other people said they needed to interact with a full LifterLMS demo site to see if it met their needs. They are different offers that might appeal to you for different needs. Top 3 Reasons You Might Want to Try for $1 You want your own great looking LifterLMS demo site that you can try out. You want to “rent” LifterLMS before you buy it. You want the security of knowing you can choose to save the progress you made during your trial and carry it over to your own site. Top 3 Reasons a Done For You Might be for You You don’t want to get bogged down with the technical requirements of building your website and course platform. (Maybe you are even new to WordPress!) You need to save time. You want to get your course on the market quickly so you can start earning money on your technical investment. You just want someone else to do it for you. (Simple, but true.) These signature services were born out of the desire to make your life a little easier and make you feel a little more confident about choosing LifterLMS.  Through the journey of developing and refining these services and talking to you, but more importantly listening to you, we’ve learned  that you still have questions and need additional clarity around these offers. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get into it! Answers to Your Burning Questions How is the Try for $1 service different from the Done For You?  How is it similar? Many people wanted an easier way to get started with LifterLMS. Our Try for $1 service lets you skip the setup time and start building your course and branding your site, instead of configuring software. It also allows you to access the test site and actually use the powerful backend settings, options, and tools for only $1.  When you purchase the $1 trial your site will be set up within a maximum of 1 business day (but usually within hours).  After working with your trial site for up to 30 days, you can chose to Claim your site or move on in another direction. The Done For You service is more suited to someone who knows LifterLMS is right for them.  All the Done For You service packages include customized site branding. The Gold and Platinum packages also include a premium homepage. With any of the above services you are responsible for hosting and domain name fees.  At this time the Try for $1 service can only be deployed to WP Engine for hosting. What’s hosting and why do I need it? You need a web host for people to view your website! A web host allows people to …

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Multi-Language Support and Custom Course – Lesson Sidebars

Today we are sneaking in another update to lifterLMS. Version 1.1.1. The newest update contains a lot of house keeping and also a couple new features. Some of our biggest requests were for multi-language support and custom lesson and course sidebars. Multi-language Support In version 1.1.1 we have set lifterLMS up for multi-language support. Users can now generate a PO file for the language of their choice. We also welcome any PO submissions by the community to help us reach as many languages as possible. If you are interested in contributing, please leave us a message in the forums. Custom Lesson and Course Sidebars If you visit your widgets page in the admin section of your wordpress (Appearance->Widgets) you will see two new sidebars, Lesson Sidebar and Course Sidebar. You can place any widgets you like in the sidebars. We will be rolling out new sidebar widgets with every upcoming release to give you even more configurability with your courses. Here is a list of what’s in version 1.1.1 Added user registration settings to require users to agree to Terms and Conditions on user registration Added comments to all classes methods and functions Removed unused and depreciated methods Added Lesson and Course Sidebar Widget Areas Added localization POT file and us_EN.po translation file. Added localization file support to lifterLMS. Thanks to all of our supporters. We are excited to keep bringing you new features. Show us how pumped you are for this update by using the share buttons on the left to let the world know!  LifterLMS <3’s you.

Discover how to build an online course website & sell worldwide in just 20 minutes in this free training course.

Version 1.1.0 now Available

lifterLMS version 1.1.0 is finally here and boy do we have some updates! What kind of updates? Well how about quizzes and coupons to start! When you update lifterLMS to version 1.1 you will find three new sub menu items: Coupons, Quizzes and Quiz Questions. To help get you started we put together a short video tutorial on how to build quizzes. (see video below) In addition to the major enhancements (quizzes and coupons) we have a few new features: New Settings (My Account) Require users to enter thier email address twice for accuracy on registration. Require Billing Address on user registration Require First and Last name on user registration Membership Expiration You can now set a membership level to expire after a certain number of days. This setting can be really useful if you want to offer users a free trial or simply want your memberships to renew after a period of time. Limit number of students to a course In the course syllabus meta box you will now be able to limit the number of students that can enroll in a specific course. Lots and lots of core enhancements and goodies for developers HTML and CSS enhancements Payment Gateway credit card support for 3rd party plugins Form filters for developer access to form submissions Form templating improvements for 3rd party plugins System enhancements and improvements Coupons Offer discounts for courses and memberships: Creating coupons is easy in lifterLMS.  Simply go to lifterLMS -> Coupons in the Admin area. Click “Add Coupon.” Give your coupon a code, select from % or $ discount type. Type in your amount. Limit the number of uses. (only if you want to) That’s it. Coupons can be used for both courses and membership purchases. To keep pricing simple for you and the user only % coupons can be applied to recurring payment purchases. Quizzes Creating quizzes is fun. We had a blast building and testing quizzes. Watch the video below of Joshua and Mark building and taking a quiz. Thanks to everyone for the great requests and support! We are excited about all the new features in version 1.1 but that’s only the beginning! As I write this we are already hard at work on version 1.2.  

Discover how to build an online course website & sell worldwide in just 20 minutes in this free training course.

Version 1.0.3 Now Available

First of all, thank you everyone for all of the support and amazing feedback! This is exactly what we needed. A great community of people who are willing to take the extra time to tell us what they need. LifterLMS version 1.0.3 was released today. If you have the plugin installed and activated you can now install the update. There are some minor and major changes in this version. Sidebar Support From the forums we got a lot of requests to add sidebar functionality. We listened. In the updated version you will find that Courses and Lessons now support sidebars. We will be rolling out custom course and lesson sidebar widgets in future releases. Better Template Support Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback on how LifterLMS integrated into their themes. Version 1.0.3 has a major theme overhaul and now supports ALL well coded WordPress themes. We sent LifterLMS through the ringer this past week in an effort to provide maximum theme support. We are proud to say that as of version 1.0.3 LifterLMS looks great on every theme we threw at it. Theme Recommendations We have received a lot of questions regarding theme recommendations. We decided to take on the task of trying out a number of themes so we can give out some recommendations. First, a word about themes. When searching for a theme what you should really be looking for is something that matches the look and feel you want. Worrying about whether or not LifterLMS is going to be compatible or look good on the theme without major development work shouldn’t be your concern. We are striving for maximum theme support but there will always be a few themes out there that just don’t like LifterLMS. If you do encounter one of these themes, please tell us in our forums so we can learn how to make LifterLMS even more compatible. Learning Management Themes such as Academy or WPLMS are never going to work with LifterLMS. That’s ok. Academy and WPLMS are themes with similar functionality built into them. They are single purpose themes and are not designed to work with plugins such as LifterLMS. The Recommendation List: Ok, here it is. This is not an exhaustive list or a “best of” list. The themes below have been tested on LifterLMS and we think they look great with little to no tweaking. Free Themes Make Make is amazing. It’s a drag and drop page builder. Make has flexible customization features and a powerful drag and drop page builder make designing your site simple. Make and LifterLMS look great together without making any changes but the full feature page builder gives you a lot of options for customization. Make Responsive Responsive has been around for a long time. It’s a great free theme that gives you a simple canvas that is proven to look great on all devices. It does not have quite the feature list of Make or Moesia but it’s a great starter theme if you plan on doing your own design. Responsive Wootique If you plan on using WooCommerce to sell your courses or memberships Wootique is a free theme available from WooThemes that has built in support for WooCommerce.   Paid Themes LifterLMS LaunchPad The team who makes and continues to improve the LifterLMS plugin is the same team behind the LifterLMS LaunchPad theme. It enables you to modify the design, layout and typography of your online courses website. If you wand a highly customizable theme, LifterLMS LaunchPad is definitely for you.   Michigan Learning Suite Michigan Learning Suite is a powerful Learning Management System for …

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Discover how to build an online course website & sell worldwide in just 20 minutes in this free training course.

Introducing lifterLMS

Today we launched lifterLMS to the world. lifterLMS is a WordPress learning management system plugin for creating, selling, and protecting online courses. lifterLMS also has advanced engagement features where you can create emails, deliver achievements (like badges), and generate personalized certificates. We look forward to interacting with the group of early adopters of our learning management system. Our early adopters are our VIP’s and their voices will help shape the evolution of lifterLMS.  

Discover how to build an online course website & sell worldwide in just 20 minutes in this free training course.