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How to Build an Online Course in 3 Minutes with LifterLMS

Introducing the New LifterLMS Course Builder Why was the Improved Course Builder the Most Recent Feature? We decided to develop the new course builder interface because that’s what our existing customers were most asking for. They wanted to make the process of building a course even easier and more intuitive. They wanted to more easily see and adjust their courses and all their elements on one master course page. They wanted to be able to quickly create lessons and add them to courses on the fly. At LifterLMS we value what our customers and prospective customers are asking for. As we detect trends in requests received in the forums or by email, we plan new features and optimizations, and that’s how we develop our WordPress LMS plugin Product Roadmap. For those of you who are wondering what’s just about to roll out next, it’s some upgrades to the Infusionsoft extension and the Stripe extension. The Stripe extension will allow you to accept one time and/or recurring payments by credit card for your online courses and memberships. We’ll let you know when this launches if you’re on the mailing list. If you’re not a customer or on the mailing list, keep an eye on the Store. One Way to Build a Course with WordPress and LifterLMS’s New Course Builder Building an online course doesn’t have to be complicated. With LifterLMS, here is a simple way to build a course quickly: Come up with a course idea Log into your WordPress site, go into the LifterLMS area, create a new course, and give it a working title From that same screen invent your sections and lesson titles on the fly Just add content Creating the first version of your online course can really be that simple. Of course the goal is to create high value impactful courses, so you’ll really want to dig into the Engagement features of LifterLMS to make your training high impact. Lesson content is of course critical to your success as an education entrepreneur, so make sure you make multimedia lesson content that your market is hungry for and truly life changing. If you are not already a LifterLMS customer, and are ready to join our community of education entrepreneurs, you can get LifterLMS here. Enjoy the new LifterLMS course builder, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Making Your Online Course

The team at LifterLMS reached out to thought leaders from around the internet to weigh in on what you should consider when creating your online course. Avoid these mistakes … John Lee Dumas “Hey, this is John Lee Dumas the founder and host of EntrepreneurOnFire, and I want to share with you today the number one mistake to avoid when creating an online course. And you better believe I have made this mistake more than once, I’m a little ashamed to admit. Make sure that you have a starving audience for that online course. The only way that you can verify that the audience is starving is if they actually pull out their wallet and pay for a preview version of that course, or locking down early access to that course, or getting a discount for the future release of that course. If people are not willing to do that, then your audience is not starving enough to purchase in the quantities that you’re going to want them to when the course is actually created. So for both Podcasters’ Paradise and Webinar on Fire, we held live webinars explaining what the course would be when we released it down the road, and if you want to be an early bird, you can lock it in right now. And guess what? You’ll get a great discount to boot. Those presales ensured that we had a starving audience so that when we put our heads down for the next 30 to 45 days to create the content, we knew that there were dollars at the end of that road for our hard work. For the time, effort, and energy we were putting in. So get that starving audience, get presales by actually talking to your avatars, that perfect client, and having them pull out their wallets and pay for something that hasn’t been created yet. It’s a tough ask, but it’s a lot tougher to flop and to get no sales. Believe me, I’ve been there, done that. Do this, and you’ll be prepared to ignite!” John Lee Dumas is the founder and host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a podcast providing daily interviews with today’s most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs. He’s also the founder of Podcasters’ Paradise and WebinarOnFire.   Yaro Starak “The number one mistake I see when creating a course is working hard to create a program upfront, without knowing whether there are any people who want to buy it. In particular I find that course teachers are good at teaching, and not marketing, hence they are not aware of the best message to use to present their course to the audience. Sometimes just tweaking the message can make all the differences between no sales and a profitable course.” Yaro Starak is the author of the Blog Profits Blueprint and founder of the blog. He began blogging over ten years ago and has mentored thousands of other experts, authors, coaches, consultants, speakers and trainers on how to turn their expertise into a profitable online business.   Andrew Warner “The big mistake is not asking potential customers what they want to learn before you create. After I recorded my 1,000th interview, I decided to create a course on how to build an interview-based business. From the questions I read online, I assumed the biggest issue people had was figuring out how to record. You know, the right mic, software, etc. When I checked with my audience, they told me that they know that stuff, or could Google it, but what they were really struggling with is how to make an interview interesting. Until I asked …

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Discover how to build an online course website & sell worldwide in just 20 minutes in this free training course.